Smart DC Brushless Motor SQ75

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Meet Crouzet's Most Powerful Brushless Motor SQ75 DCmind Brushless The accuracy and efficiency you need - the ease of use you desire
Voltage (V)

9 - 75Applied: 24/32/48

Power Range (W)

310 - 600

Torque Range (mNm)

1 000 - 1 900

Speed Range (rpm)

1 - 5 000

Front face: 75mm
Integrated magnetic encoder: 4096 ppr
Rating: IP67* & IP69*
+Our SQ75 Motors Have CANopen Integrated
* Except front face & shaft

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Easy Installation
and Set-up

You are the master of your application, we make it simple for you
Easily start your motor with a standard USB cable and a PC

You are protected against wrong polarity in case of wrong wiring

Quickly set-up your application with DCmind soft + CANopen FREE software*
  • - Easily define motion profiles (speed, torque, position)
  • - Use the pre-loaded application programs to test your set-up
  • - Draw curves, edit performance reports, tune regulation loops, ... and more

  • Constantly check the motor’s status using the LED on the front face

    *Operating systems: Windows 7, 8 & 10.

    Download the software & try it now !

and Diagnosis

SQ75: at the heart of your network, yet locally empowered
CANopen interface as per CiA 301 (certified) and CiA 402 for use in as a slave in a new or existing equipment

USB and CAN dual communication to perform local set-up and diagnosis

Collect data for feedback and implement preventive maintenance functions

& Protection

We help you protect your application and people
SQ75 operates with up to 75 V input voltage or in case of regenerated voltage due to high inertial brake level

The energy rejection module protects the motor during high acceleration and deceleration phases, using a software-enabled ballast module (customer added external resistor standard)

Emergency stop management via 2 Safe Torque Off (STO) inputs

Galvanic isolation of the CAN bus to prevent the control signal from interfering with the CAN network
For demanding applications
IP67 and IP69 Protection Levels*

Per IEC 60529, the standard SQ75 motor is perfect for use in harsh environments, where dust and water intrusion are common, such as Agriculture, Defense, Food and Beverage equipment, for example.

* Except front face and shaft

for Battery Operation

12 V or 24 V battery voltage - no problem!
The SQ75's performance starts as Iow as 9V:
perfect for battery-operated applications such as services robotics with 12V voltage range!

Product Structure

SQ75 Standard Offer

P/N Family:
Applied Voltage
Nominal Power
Nominal Torque
Nominal Speed
Peak Power
Peak Torque
Integrated CANopen
24 V
310 W
1.0 Nm
3000 rpm
600 W
2.5 Nm


32 V
400 W
1.3 Nm
2960 rpm
900 W
4 Nm


48 V
600 W
1.9 Nm
3130 rpm
1400 W
6 Nm


MORE DOCUMENTATION Specific information are available in our SODA library: Starter kit and cable partnumbers in our datasheets, connectors and cables information in our product user manual, starter kit notice and much more.
If you’re looking for a lower power range but keeping high accuracy & ease of use, take a look at our
SQ57 family or the complete DCmind Brushless range


1Choose The Motor
2Choose The Gearbox

SQ75 offer | Design Lab

With 90+ years of experience in precision motor engineering, Crouzet can provide the right solution for you. If you’re looking for a reliable, experienced and trustworthy motion control partner, the Crouzet’s DesignLAB team is ready to help you. Contact our engineers now and we will be glad to discuss your specific needs.

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Common Adaptations:

  • Other gearbox combinations/types/ratios
  • Electronic board adaptation (I/Os & communication)
  • Hall effects board
  • Other cable lengths & connectors
  • Specific shaft & flange
  • Resistance to vibration >5g


SQ57 family
SQ57 family
SQ75 family
*Except front face and shaft
SQ75 family

SQ75 Common Applications

Access Control
Access Control
Wrapping Machines
Wrapping Machines
Conveyor Belts
Conveyor Belts
Peristaltic Pump
Peristaltic Pumps
Industrial Service Robots
Defense Robotics

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